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Assembly Bill 1041 Expands the Category of Individuals for Whom an Employee May Take Leave Under Various California Laws

USA - October 14 2022 On September 29, 2022, Governor Newsom signed Assembly Bill 1041 (“AB 1041”) into law to be effective January 1, 2023, expanding the category of…

Georgelle C. Cuevas, DeAnna L. Solina, Marci Williams

California’s AB 152 Extends COVID-19 Supplemental Paid Sick Leave Through 2022

USA - October 2 2022 On September 29, 2022, California’s Governor signed Assembly Bill 152 (“AB 152”) into law, immediately extending the obligations of employers with 26…

Georgelle C. Cuevas, Jacquelyn Morenz

CDPH Announces End of its Order Requiring Weekly Testing For Unvaccinated and Partially-Vaccinated School Employees and Volunteers Effective September 17, 2022

USA - September 14 2022 In a much-anticipated move, the California Department of Public Health (“CDPH”) announced on September 13, 2022, that it is rescinding its August 11…

Rebeca Delatorre, Paul Z. McGlocklin, Joshua E. Morrison, Beverly A. Ozowara

2022-2023 Requirements of NCAA Board of Governors Policy on Campus Sexual Violence and Disclosure of Student Information

USA - September 6 2022 In April 2021, the NCAA Board of Governors updated its Policy on Campus Sexual Violence (“the Policy”), to require all incoming, current and transfer…

Eve P. Fichtner, Mellissa E. Gallegos, Kathryn E. Meola, Anna J. Miller

U.S. Department of Education Issues Proposed Amendments to Title IX Regulations

USA - July 28 2022 On June 23, 2022, the U.S. Department of Education (U.S. DOE) issued for public comment proposed amendments (“Proposed Amendments”) to the…

Georgelle C. Cuevas, Eve P. Fichtner, Mellissa E. Gallegos, Stephen M. McLoughlin, Gabriel Sandoval