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Did you know that 2018 is the year in which there are more slaves than any other time in history?

Australia - November 28 2018 The United Nations estimates there are more than 40 million victims of modern slavery worldwide. Over half of these victims are exploited in the…

Gena Kawaguchi

Have your say about changes to the Consumer Guarantees - Consultation closes 23 April 2018

Australia - April 9 2018 The Australian Treasury recently reviewed the Australian Consumer Law (ACL) and is seeking feedback from businesses and consumers to have their say…

Suzanne Howari, Gena Kawaguchi

Not as Ezy as 1,2,3 - Accountant found to have breached the Fair Work Act

Australia - July 21 2017 If you're an accountant or professional adviser, take note. The recent decision in Fair Work Ombudsman v Blue Impression Pty Ltd & Ors [2017] FCCA 810…

David Paterson, Dean Schubert

Would you like fines with that?

Australia - October 19 2016 The Government plans to up-size penalties and the Fair Work Ombudsman's powers, for wage abuse. In the wake of the Fair Work Ombudsman's recent…

David Paterson, Dean Schubert

Chucking a “sickie” - be careful what you wish for

Australia - May 1 2016 Consider this: An employer refuses an employee's application for two days annual leave. The disgruntled employee storms off and mutters "fine, I'm…

David Paterson, Dean Schubert