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Risk Management Due Diligence in the Acquisition Process

USA - June 26 2017 \When a company is evaluating the possibility of acquiring another business, senior management (with the support of financial and legal advisors, and…

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Negotiating Commercial Contracts - Insurance Words of Wisdom

USA - July 1 2018 ​Many commercial contracts contain risk-transfer provisions, including indemnification and insurance requirements. They should not be treated as…

Lori Siwik

A Broker RFP Helps Companies Improve Their Risk Management Program

USA - January 28 2019 Here's how companies can make sure that they are getting the best brokerage services for the needs of the company. Every three to five years…

Lori Siwik

The Erosion of Employer Immunity in Pennsylvania

USA - May 9 2019 Until 2013, the Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation system prevented employees from filing suit against their employers except in cases of egregious…

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Insurance Coverage Trigger and Allocation

USA - May 27 2018 In complex insurance claims, trigger and allocation theories affect the value of the claim. This article teaches what every corporate policyholder…

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