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Antitrust Liability for Tacit Algorithmic Price Alignment in the EU and the US

European Union, USA - September 9 2020 Pricing algorithm is a computer program which monitors and/or sets prices and can be possessed and applied unilaterally by a business entity, can be…

Anastasiia Zeleniuk

Ukrainian antitrust reform 2.0: what to expect?

Ukraine - October 3 2021 On 13 July 2021, the Ukrainian Parliament adopted in the first reading the draft Law No.5431 "On amendments to certain laws of Ukraine on improvement…

Anastasiia Zeleniuk

Merger control amnesty in Ukraine

Ukraine - November 3 2021 On July 21, 2021, the Law of Ukraine "On amendments to the Tax Code and other laws of Ukraine regarding stimulation of income transparency and…

Anastasiia Zeleniuk

Имплементация BEPS в Украине: в каких случаях корпоративная реструктуризация требует предварительного разрешения АМКУ на концентрацию

Ukraine - September 9 2020 21 мая 2020 года Президент Зеленский подписал Закон № 466-IX «О внесении изменений в Налоговый Кодекс Украины касательно усовершенствования…

Anastasiia Zeleniuk

CLACIS discusses - BIG BUSINESS: where shall antitrust law stand?

Global - April 9 2021 Nowadays, the world witnesses a global concentration of capital. Even developed economies such as, for instance, the US, th…

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