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Q3 l 2020

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Hong Kong - November 24 2022 如果子女的父母還健在,現時的香港法例並不允許任何不論是否與子女有血緣關係的 第三者,向法院申請在離婚或合法分居時指定為子女的監護人。…

Caroline McNally


Hong Kong - November 24 2022 當婚姻破裂時,婚姻雙方會通過向家事法庭提出離婚申請來尋求解除婚姻關係。有 時,雙方可以先不開始離婚訴訟,而是同意在日後向家事法庭申請裁判分居,以解除 他們的婚姻…

Kajal Aswani

5 件關於分居或離婚時財務安排的事

Hong Kong - November 24 2022 當雙方分居時,他們將需要解決未來的財務安排問題。如果雙方無法自行達 成協議,他們將需要向香港的家事法庭提出申請…

Caroline McNally

5 Things to Know about Financial Arrangements upon Separation or Divorce

Hong Kong - August 19 2022 When parties separate they will need to address the future financial arrangements If the parties cannot come to an agreement themselves, they will…

Caroline McNally

5 Things to Know About the International Relocation of Children in a Divorce

Hong Kong - August 5 2022 The pandemic has created an increase in the number of families permanently leaving Hong Kong. But what happens when a separated or divorced parent…