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The Five Most Common Ways to Pierce the Corporate Veil and Impose Personal Liability for Corporate Debts

USA - March 2 2016 Many entrepreneurs create business entities to operate their businesses, to facilitate commercial ventures, and to shield themselves from personal…

Charles B. Jimerson

Recovery of Attorneys’ Fees - Part II: Key Considerations in Statutory Entitlement to Attorneys’ Fees

USA - February 29 2016 This blog post is part II in a series of blogs posts discussing the recovery of attorneys' fees. Part I explored some considerations in the recovery…

Charles B. Jimerson

Nuisance in Florida Condominium Associations

USA - February 17 2016 What's that smell? What's that sound? What am I looking at? Whatever it is offends me. Could it be a nuisance? Condominium associations in Florida…

Christopher M. Cobb

Condominium Association Recovery of Attorneys’ Fees in Florida

USA - December 29 2015 When deciding whether to pursue legal action, a condominium association board of directors may ask “can we recover the attorneys’ fees?” The good…

Christopher M. Cobb

Recovery of attorneys’ fees – part I: key considerations in attorneys’ fee provisions of contracts

USA - September 14 2015 For both client and attorney, there is nothing better than a sweet victory in litigation. However, this victory may be bittersweet if there is no…

Charles B. Jimerson