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Structuring a lending transaction in Romania

Global, Romania - November 12 2018 A structured guide to structuring a lending transaction in Romania

New attempt to facilitate use of public-private partnerships in Romania

Romania - June 15 2018 As of 18 May 2018, Romania has a new legal framework on public-private partnership ("PPP") enacted through the Government Emergency Ordinance no…

Catalin-Sergiu Dinu

Monetary policy updates by the National Bank of Romania

Romania - January 30 2018 Following (mainly) a rise of the inflation (which exceeded expectations by reaching 3.32% in December 2017), but also in view of the accelerated…

Diana Tudor

Law on Insolvency for Romanian Individuals - to finally enter into force on 1 January 2018?

Romania - June 16 2017 An absolute novelty under the Romanian legislation, Law no. 151/2015 on insolvency of natural persons ("Personal Insolvency Law") was adopted by the…

Additional systemically important banks in Romania

European Union, Romania - March 24 2017 The National Bank of Romania ("NBR") regularly assesses credit institutions in terms of systemic importance, in line with the specific guidelines set…