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What it means for the COJ to “investigate” and “resolve” queries

South Africa - November 21 2013 The City of Johannesburg (“COJ’s”) Credit Control and Debt Collection Bylaws provide that a consumer can lodge a query or complaint with the City and…

Can you claim losses caused by power outages?

South Africa - November 13 2013 Recently City Power has blamed power outages on an unlawful strike by two hundred City Power employees. Can losses caused by the power outages be…

Nikita Theodosiou

Municipal refunds

South Africa - November 8 2013 When a seller sells a property, he is required by law to obtain a rates clearance certificate from the local municipality, which certifies that all…

Linda Brown

Building plans and voetstoots

South Africa - November 6 2013 If you have bought a property only to realize 6 months down the line that it does not have approved building plans, this constitutes a latent defect…

Sika Ackotia

Prescription and the city of Johannesburg

South Africa - October 23 2013 Schindlers is often instructed to handle disputes with the City of Johannesburg (‘the City’) in relation to charges billed for water and electricity…