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Q4 l 2020

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Sales restrictions, distribution and competition: What is or is not permitted?

European Union - April 21 2020 The European Commission (the “Commission”) has been involved for some time already in a tour de force regarding the enforcement of competition law in…

Martijn van de Hel

Competition law and big data: big problems?

European Union, Netherlands, OECD - March 1 2017 Big data is a hot topic, also for competition authorities. In 2016, it became clear that competition authorities were trying to get a grip on how to…

Martijn van de Hel

E-commerce Sector Inquiry

European Union - July 21 2016 What is a sector inquiry?​ The European Commission has the power to conduct inquiries into a particular sector of the economy or into a particular…

Martijn van de Hel

Parcel Delivery Regulation: necessary rules, gesture politics or prelude to more detailed sector regulation?

European Union - May 30 2018 In an earlier blog we already addressed the (wide-ranging) developments in the post and parcel sector. As a result of the ever-increasing popularity…

Martijn van de Hel

Ontwikkelingen mededingingsrecht: zomertrends 2015

Netherlands - August 27 2015 De dagen worden korter en de files langer: langzaamaan loopt de zomer ten einde. Een goed moment om met het oog op komend (na)jaar terug te kijken op…

Martijn van de Hel