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Our guide to registering a foreign money judgment in Australia

Australia - February 18 2014 The procedure to be followed in order to register a foreign judgment under the Foreign Judgments Act 1991 (Cth) is set out in UCPR Pt 53. Proceedings…

Antoinette Khalil, Aaron Koffel

The advantages of the Netherlands tax system for Australian businesses

Australia, Netherlands - February 12 2014 If you are an Australian company looking to expand its operations into Europe, it may be worth considering establishing your operations in the…

Min Hur, Aaron Koffel

Our top 10 legal tips for Australians doing business in the US

Australia, USA - November 18 2013 The concept of a Deed (an Agreement without consideration) does not exist in the US and unless the agreement involves "consideration", the…

Aaron Koffel

Purchasing real property in Brazil - taxation guide for non residents

Australia - October 15 2013 Brazil is developing a growing and vibrant real estate market with potential for long term investment. As a non resident, if you intend on purchasing…

Subhaga Amarasekara, Aaron Koffel

Practical tips on how to maintain control of your business in the Philippines

Australia - October 14 2013 If you have thought about setting up a company in the Philippines and found it all a bit too hard, then hopefully the practical tips below will allow…

Subhaga Amarasekara, Aaron Koffel