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Sanayi Yenilik Ağ Mekanizması ve Fikri Mülkiyet Hakları

Turkey - January 29 2020 Sanayi Yenilik Ağ Mekanizması (“SAYEM”), kişi veya şirketlerin üniversite ve kamu iş birliğiyle yüksek teknoloji hedefleri doğrultusunda araştırma…

Deniz Çelikkaya

Defense Contracts Perspective: Do the Government Acts Qualify as Force Majeure As Per Turkish Law?

Turkey - January 20 2020 Political fluctuations in recent years have undoubtedly affected the defense industry. Although the players in the industry are following the…

Şafak Herdem

A Glance to Privacy Matters in Turkey in February 2019

Turkey - March 1 2019 In this report, our firm have gathered the recent decisions, notifications, announcements and guidelines issued by Turkey’s Data Protection Authority…

Legal Alert: A Way Out for Many Public Procurement Contractors in Turkey

Turkey - January 18 2019 As all other actors in Turkish economy, public procurement contractors have also suffered due to unexpected economical fluctuations. Many of the…