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The solicitor and client relationship: can a law firm switch sides in a dispute?

Canada - May 30 2018 We all expect that lawyers will be loyal to their clients, act in their best interests, and protect their confidential information. Lawyers have…

Andrew Lacey

Limitation periods in equity

Australia - September 3 2018 Statutory duties will often include a set limitation period stating how long a party has to bring a claim for breach, often six years. However…

Foez Dewan

You can’t have your contract and eat it: electing not to terminate

Australia - July 31 2019 A party to a contract may be precluded from enforcing a contractual right if it has acted in a way that is clearly inconsistent with that right. This…

Andrew Lacey, Guy Lewis, Chiara Rawlins

Whose votes count at a general meeting: all shareholders or just those in attendance?

Australia - February 23 2016 In Alexander v Burne [2015] NSWCA 377, the NSW Court of Appeal has recently emphasised the need for clarity in describing the level of approval…

Jacqueline Winters

Banking on the financial literacy of directors: is it a breach of duty when the numbers don’t add up?

Australia - April 22 2018 One of the issues that directors of companies regularly face is the extent to which they can rely on their employees or external advisors in…

Andrew Lacey