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You can’t have your contract and eat it: electing not to terminate

Australia - July 31 2019 A party to a contract may be precluded from enforcing a contractual right if it has acted in a way that is clearly inconsistent with that right. This…

Andrew Lacey, Guy Lewis, Chiara Rawlins

The concept of reasonable time in contract law: the Court of Appeal resets the clock in Donau v ASC

Australia - July 30 2019 It is trite to say that a contract sets out various rights and obligations that the parties to it have. Generally, contracts will specify when these…

Andrew Lacey, Guy Lewis, Chiara Rawlins

The Laws of Gods and Men: when commercial disputes must be in the domain of secular courts

Australia - July 5 2019 The Court of Appeal has recently affirmed a decision to hold a religious tribunal guilty of contempt of Court for trying to pressure one of its…

Andrew Lacey

The consequences of serving a subpoena: compliance costs must be paid

Australia - July 4 2019 Parties to litigation often fire off subpoenas to third parties seeking the production of documents. These subpoenas may seek voluminous documents…

Ethan Aitchison, Andrew Lacey

Running feet first into cartel conduct: when jumping the gun can lead to biting the bullet

Australia - June 23 2019 It is a commercial fact of life that businesses will seek to merge with each other. Combining the efforts and resources of two previously separate…

Ethan Aitchison, Andrew Lacey