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The concept of reasonable time in contract law: the Court of Appeal resets the clock in Donau v ASC

Australia - July 30 2019 It is trite to say that a contract sets out various rights and obligations that the parties to it have. Generally, contracts will specify when these…

Andrew Lacey, Guy Lewis, Chiara Rawlins

Let’s talk about death - who owns my body?

Australia - September 27 2016 Last month we opened up the discussion about death by discussing the projected death rate in Australia and the importance of keeping your will up to…

Terry McCabe

Getting fixed up: when can a house be a chattel and not a fixture?

Australia - October 18 2017 Most people are familiar with the distinction between a chattel and a fixture when it comes to land. Generally speaking, unless there is anything…

Chiara Rawlins

Game Over: Valve’s high court appeal goes up in steam.

Australia - April 24 2018 Last week Gordon and Nettle JJ of the High Court of Australia scuttled Valve’s special leave application to appeal against last year’s judgment of the…

Chiara Rawlins

The law on heartbreak: breaches of contract and marriage

Australia - October 13 2017 It is unusual for a decision of the Local Court of NSW to garner significant public attention, and even more unusual for any Local Court to have to…

Chiara Rawlins