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A costly decision for self-represented solicitors and barristers: High Court rules the “Chorley exception” is not part of the common law of Australia

Australia - September 10 2019 In the recent decision of Bell Lawyers Pty Ltd v Pentelow [2019] HCA 29, the High Court ruled the Chorley exception, which allows self-represented…

Foez Dewan

Taking leave of our senses? A new age of leave entitlements

Australia - July 4 2019 In the age of unprecedented workforce mobility, employers are going to new lengths to be an 'employer of choice'. As a result, employees are enjoying…

Elisa Blakers, Nicola Martin

The High Court rules in favour of the ATO, unlocking the gates to Paradise despite legal professional privilege claimed over corporate documents

Australia - September 3 2019 In a recent big win for the Australian Taxation Office (ATO), the High Court decision in Glencore International AG v Commissioner of Taxation [2019]…

Jennifer Bradley, Andrew Lacey

Mind over matter: NSW Court of Appeal emphasises lay evidence over expert medical evidence on the question of testamentary capacity

Australia - September 16 2019 How do you determine whether a person had testamentary capacity at the moment they prepared their will? In Drivas v Jakopovic [2019] NSWCA 218, such…

Luke Dominish, Andrew Lacey