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Insurers can’t ‘escape’ cover just because of ‘other insurance’

Australia - November 27 2019 The proper application of ‘other insurance’ clauses is an issue subject to constant debate in the insurance industry. In Allianz Insurance Australia…

Priya Paquet

Not named but still covered - subcontractor covered under Contract Works Policy

Australia - August 15 2019 The usual limitation in policy wording to only apply cover to those sub-contractors who expressly require insurance has long thought to been to be…

Priya Paquet

Causation without a cause

Australia - May 7 2019 There does not need to be a direct causal link between the cause and the damage. Rather, it is sufficient to establish that the damage would not have…

Priya Paquet

Insured or Assignee - Court of Appeal highlights the importance of triggers in the insuring clause

Australia - April 29 2019 Meeting the definition of 'Insured' under a policy of insurance or being assigned the right of an Insured to claim under a Policy does not give rise…

Priya Paquet