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The concept of reasonable time in contract law: the Court of Appeal resets the clock in Donau v ASC

Australia - July 30 2019 It is trite to say that a contract sets out various rights and obligations that the parties to it have. Generally, contracts will specify when these…

Luke Dominish, Andrew Lacey, Chiara Rawlins

Running out of time: When do debts expire?

Australia - September 11 2018 The Limitations Act 1969 (NSW) (Limitations Act) establishes time limits within which plaintiffs must commence civil proceedings, including for the…

Stephanie Andrews, Foez Dewan

Disputes over the division of your remains: where do courts draw the line in the ashes?

Australia - April 19 2018 Deciding how to dispose of a person’s body after death can be an emotionally charged time for many families, whose members may have diverging views…

Andrew Lacey

You can’t have your contract and eat it: electing not to terminate

Australia - July 31 2019 A party to a contract may be precluded from enforcing a contractual right if it has acted in a way that is clearly inconsistent with that right. This…

Luke Dominish, Andrew Lacey, Chiara Rawlins

De facto partners and the law of intestacy - it’s all about the facts

Australia - October 10 2019 Last week the Supreme Court of New South Wales handed down judgment in an estate dispute where it applied the law of intestacy to a complex factual…

Luke Dominish, Andrew Lacey