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Keyboard warriors beware! You may yet be discovered

Australia - February 20 2020 In recent weeks the Federal Court of Australia has made interlocutory orders in two different sets of proceedings relating to applications for…

Chiara Rawlins

The Bell tolls for self-represented law firms seeking to recover costs

Australia - February 20 2020 In the recent decision of United Petroleum Australia Pty Ltd v Freehills [2020] VSCA 15, the Victorian Supreme Court extended the High Court's…

Foez Dewan, Talia Mason

Lifestyles of the not so rich and famous - the Federal Court refuses Salim Mehajer’s bid to annul his bankruptcy

Australia - December 9 2019 In a recent decision, the Federal Court of Australia declined to annul a bankruptcy in circumstances where the bankrupt claimed the proceedings…

Samantha Beattie, Andrew Lacey

Still unsure about Briginshaw?

Australia - November 12 2019 In a recent decision, The Estate of Shirley Gardner, Bernengo v Leaney [2019] NSWSC 1324, the NSW Supreme Court was asked to consider the…

Stephanie Andrews, Andrew Lacey

De facto partners and the law of intestacy - it’s all about the facts

Australia - October 10 2019 Last week the Supreme Court of New South Wales handed down judgment in an estate dispute where it applied the law of intestacy to a complex factual…

Luke Dominish, Andrew Lacey