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Mistaken identity or fraud? Bankruptcy and the use of an alias

Australia - March 15 2021 A typical scenario is when a debtor gives a Nick name, or a false name, to a creditor during the course of a particular transaction. This can result…

Andrew Lacey

New laws proposed by government to combat “sharp corporate practices”

Australia - May 20 2019 Originally introduced in September 2018 and passed by both Houses of Parliament in April 2019, the Corporations Amendment (Strengthening Protections…

Andrew Lacey, Emily Truong

The intersection between directors’ fiduciary duties and the right to recover payment

Australia - February 26 2019 Insolvency - every director’s biggest nightmare. Under the Corporations Act s 459C, when a creditor serves a statutory demand on a company for an…

Andrew Lacey, Tal Prigan

Liquidation - is it really the end for a company?

Australia - June 20 2018 Ordinarily, a company entering liquidation is considered the commercial equivalent of “game over”, “checkmate”, “the end”, “K.O” or whatever other…

Andrew Lacey

Foreign liquidators gain traction in Hong Kong’s High Court

Australia, Hong Kong - April 3 2018 It may now be easier for Australian insolvency practitioners to carry out investigations and recover assets located in Hong Kong and in mainland China…

Andrew Lacey