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Q3 | 2018

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Mistaken identity or fraud? Bankruptcy and the use of an alias

Australia - March 15 2021 A typical scenario is when a debtor gives a Nick name, or a false name, to a creditor during the course of a particular transaction. This can result…

Danyal Ibrahim

Illegal phoenix companies beware: liquidators may be coming with a search and seizure warrant

Australia - June 17 2020 As concerns about illegal phoenix activity continue to mount, it is worth remembering that the Corporations Act gives liquidators and provisional…

Catch me if you can… The Federal Court overturns a trustee's decision to refuse permission for a bankrupt to travel overseas

Australia - June 15 2020 When a person is declared a bankrupt, certain liberties are taken away from that person. One restriction includes a prohibition against travelling…

Defamation in the Google age: search engines as publishers of defamatory content

Australia - June 15 2020 In the recent decision of Defteros v Google LLC [2020] VSC 219, the Supreme Court of Victoria held search engine Google liable for "publishing"…

High Court of Australia gives direction as to who is an officer of a company

Australia - June 11 2020 Officers of corporations, such as directors, owe various duties to their company and can be held personally liable in the event of a breach. This…