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Cuts litigation #2: Abolition of the ILF, a high-point for PSED challenges?

United Kingdom - February 27 2014 In our June 2013 edition we examined the Administrative Court decision in this matter, which concerns a challenge to the abolition of the Independent…

Jonathan Auburn

Payment of university tuition fees for former relevant children

United Kingdom - February 27 2014 In R (Kebede) v Newcastle CC [2013] EWCA Civ 960, the Court of Appeal held (i) that an LA could in principle be required to pay the university…

Jonathan Auburn

Cuts litigation #3: Closing local authority day centres

United Kingdom - February 27 2014 In 2011 and 2012 the LA conducted a county-wide consultation exercise on the general future direction of its adult care services, including such…

Jonathan Auburn

Social care obligations to travellers

United Kingdom - February 27 2014 Much of the community care legislation is premised on the assumption that service users live fairly sedentary lives. The legislation was not drafted…

Jonathan Auburn

Cuts Litigation #1: Benefits cap case

United Kingdom - February 27 2014 By the Welfare Reform Act 2012, Parliament introduced a “benefit cap” to limit the level of benefit any family might receive, subject to certain…

Jonathan Auburn