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Construction trends 2021

New Zealand - December 15 2021 Following another tumultuous year for New Zealand’s construction and infrastructure sector, MinterEllisonRuddWatts’ construction partners outline the…

Mark Crosbie, Stephen Price, Sarah Sinclair, Scott Thompson, Travis Tomlinson

Adjudicator jurisdiction across jurisdictions

Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom - October 13 2021 The construction industry underpins economies worldwide. In New Zealand, the construction sector contributes 6.2 per cent to gross domestic product…

Rebecca Cook, Irene Kim,

The ripple effect of the leaky building saga: Impact on New Zealand common law and directors’ liability, and growth area for ADR?

New Zealand - September 30 2021 During the session, Janine and Kate closely examined the impact that defective building cases have had on shaping New Zealand's common law, the scope…

Kate Muldrew

A country divided: Alert Level differences and New Zealand’s construction supply chain

New Zealand - September 7 2021 The Delta variant’s arrival in New Zealand has resulted in a range of novel issues impacting the construction industry. The latest has arisen due to…

Riaia Donald

Vaccination on construction sites

New Zealand - August 31 2021 Yesterday afternoon, we hosted a webinar exploring a key issue for the construction sector navigating Covid-19: vaccination on construction sites…

Gillian Service, Travis Tomlinson