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Dorian’s Wrath: How Event Cancellation Insurance Helps Businesses Recoup Losses from Severe Weather

USA - September 16 2019 As the 2019 hurricane season peaks, the Bahamas and the Southeast United States have already endured a catastrophic storm. Hurricane Dorian not only...

Andrea DeField, Daniel Hentschel.

Newest REIT Settlement and Ongoing Disputes Pose Potential D&O Coverage Issues

USA - September 13 2019 Real estate investment trust VERIET, Inc. (formerly known as American Realty Capital Properties) announced this week that it agreed to a $765.5...

Geoffrey B. Fehling.

Construction Group Seeks Defense Coverage for Hard Rock Stadium Claims

USA - September 10 2019 In an insurance coverage action pending in the S.D.N.Y., Hunt Construction Group (Hunt) contends that Berkley Assurance Company wrongfully denied...

Daniel Hentschel.

Representations and Warranties Insurance - What Parties to Acquisition Financings Need to Know

USA - September 10 2019 Representations and warranties ("Reps and warranties") insurance has become increasingly prevalent in recent years. Although Reps and...

Richard Warren, Emma Weiss, Syed S. Ahmad.

Modification of Statute of Limitations for Sexual Misconduct Claims Expected to Lead to Increased Coverage Litigation

USA - August 15 2019 Increasing public concern over sexual misconduct, evidenced by the MeToo movement and investigations into high-profile organizations such as USA...

Michelle M. Spatz.