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North Carolina Court Rules In Favor Of All Sums

USA - June 11 2020 A North Carolina court recently ruled in favor of all sums allocation. Duke Energy Carolinas, LLC v. AG Insurance SA/NV, No. 17 CVS 5594 (N.C. Sup…

Lorelie S. Masters

English High Court Finds That Business-Interruption Insurance Can Cover COVID-19 Losses

United Kingdom - October 6 2020 In a decision that will influence how policyholders and insurers around the world address business-interruption coverage for COVID-19 losses, the…

Jorge R. Aviles, Scott P. DeVries, Lorelie S. Masters

Let’s Eat Grandma = Let’s Eat, Grandma?

USA - January 10 2022 To the possible dismay of grammar purists, a federal court recently found that an insurance policy provision meant the same thing whether or not it…

Casey L. Coffey

Novolex Case Brings Lessons On R&W Insurance

USA - April 8 2020 In the world of representations and warranties insurance claims, a dispute playing out in court is a rarity given many claims are resolved before a…

Syed S. Ahmad, Kevin V. Small

Professional Liability Insurer Breached Policy by Refusing to Defend False Claims Act Lawsuit

USA - June 1 2020 An appeals court has overturned an insurer’s successful dismissal of an insurance coverage lawsuit arising from the insurer’s refusal to defend a…

Geoffrey B. Fehling, Michael S. Levine