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Texas High Court Strikes Down Open Meetings Act Provision; New Bill Proposed

USA - March 18 2019 In a split decision, on March 1, 2019, the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals invalidated a significant provision of Texas's Open Meetings Act as…

Kathryn Elizabeth Boatman, Mark B. Arnold

Straightline Unfurl Your Leader Banner

USA - May 8 2018 They may be mid-level executives who, despite their lack of official authority, are influential within the company. That person without the title…

M. Katherine Strahan, Laura M. Trenaman

U.S. Supreme Court Refines Equal Protection Analysis in Redistricting Cases

USA - May 23 2017 North Carolina's congressional districts have once again provided fodder for refinement of the complex intersection between the Fourteenth…

Gene L. Locke

Texas Public Information Act

USA - February 3 2017 The Texas Supreme Court's decision in Boeing Company v. Paxton, 466 S.W.3d 831 (Tex. 2015), changed the interpretation of the Texas Public…

Mark B. Arnold

State and Local Governments Grapple with Challenges of New Limits on Antitrust State Action Immunity

USA - December 1 2016 State and local governments have long utilized regulatory boards comprised of practicing professionals to enact and enforce standards of professional…

Adrian Patrick Patterson