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Supreme Court [in] Brief: Two IP-Related Cases Will Be Heard by the Highest Court

USA - June 25 2019 On June 24, 2019, the Supreme Court granted petitions for a writ of certiorari in two separate IP-related cases, one having to do with the…

Andrew D. Kasnevich, Jonathan D. Reichman, Michael S. Turner.

District Court Finds Use of Third-Party Hashtags Created Implied Association

USA - June 24 2019 Social media can be a minefield of intellectual property issues. The hashtag, for example, began as a searching tool, but now has evolved into its…

Federal Circuit Upholds Injunction and Comments Upon the Appropriate Test for Infringement Under the Doctrine of Equivalents in Chemical Cases

USA - May 19 2017 CAFC ruled the district court did not err in granting preliminary injunction because the district court correctly determined defendant was unlikely to…

Aimee N. Soucie, Ryan J. Sheehan.

The District Court Properly Exercised Subject Matter Jurisdiction and Granted Summary Judgment Notwithstanding the Plaintiff’s Execution of a Covenant not to Sue that Appeared to be Unconditional

USA - May 16 2017 CAFC affirmed the district court’s ruling that it had the subject matter jurisdiction necessary to deny Plaintiff’s motion to dismiss and grant…

Aimee N. Soucie, Ryan J. Sheehan.

Federal Circuit Affirms PTAB’s Finding of Obviousness, Reviewing PTAB’s Decision, Over Judge Newman’s Dissent, under “Substantial Evidence” Standard

USA - December 20 2015 Substantial evidence supported the Board’s finding that the claimed method of treating elevated levels of homocysteine would have been obvious. A…

Georg C. Reitboeck.