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Forum Selection Clauses: Are You Sure That Is What You Want?

USA - February 10 2022 It happens all the time. Two parties in a related field are contemplating working together and want to get a “look under the hood” at each other’s…

Your Confidential Business Information Was Published. Can It Still Be A Trade Secret?

USA - February 8 2022 Under certain circumstances, publication of an alleged trade secret is not enough to make it “generally known” in the sense that it may no longer be…

Keeping Your Trade Secrets “Secret” During a Time of Increased Remote Work Due to COVID-19

USA - March 24 2020 Critically important assets for any company are information, experience and know-how that give it an advantage over competitors. Such information that…

Paul D. Ackerman, Lawrence K. DeMeo, Christopher M. Pardo

Marking Your Territory in the Patent World: The Basics of Physical vs. Virtual Patent Marking

USA - January 30 2018 Patent marking has historically entailed physical inscriptions on tangible products, but may now be accomplished by virtual marking. Patent marking…

Suzanne P. Hosseini, Christopher J. Nichols

Federal Circuit reminds us that IP assignments in employee agreements are important

USA - July 31 2012 The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit recently reminded us of something we all know: employee agreements that include an express assignment of intellectual property are effective.