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Timely Trademarks Are Important to Crypto: Dogecoin Disputes Illustrate Potential Naming Issues

USA - October 7 2021 A recent dispute over trademark ownership to the name of meme-fueled Dogecoin highlights the importance of trademark rights in the ever-growing world…

James E Rosini

Forum Shopping: How A Retailer’s Patent-Related Communications May Impact Jurisdiction

USA - May 27 2021 In a recent case, Trimble Inc. v. PerDiemCo LLC, No. 2019-2164 (May 12, 2021), the Federal Circuit found that, sometimes, threatening a patent…

Andrew D. Kasnevich, Daniel G. Shanley

Your Color-Based Product Packaging Mark Might Be Protectable Trade Dress

USA - April 24 2020 Trade dress, which includes the total look of a product (size, shape, color) is registrable as a trademark if, like a trademark, it identifies the…

Aimee N. Soucie

Copyright Clash to Receive Supreme Treatment

USA - December 3 2019 Is a software interface entitled to copyright protection? Does use of an existing software interface when creating a new computer program constitute…

Aimee N. Soucie

Recent Changes at the PTAB Appear to Benefit Patent Owners

USA - December 23 2018 Since the America Invents Act created new post-grant review proceedings, such as inter partes reviews (IPRs), the Patent Trial and Appeal Board…

Paul D. Ackerman, Michael S. Turner, Clifford A. Ulrich