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Increased Risks, D&O Insurance Considerations, Following Delaware’s Extended Oversight Duties

USA - February 7 2023 The Delaware Chancery Court recently held that the duty of oversight extended to corporate officers. The important decision came after McDonald’s…

Geoffrey B. Fehling

Harvard Learns Lesson About Timely Notice

USA - October 31 2022 While Harvard prepares to defend its admissions policies to the Supreme Court, one of its insurers continues to argue that a technicality prevents…

Lara Degenhart Cassidy

Another State Court Rules That Insurers Cannot Escape COVID-19

USA - January 10 2022 Another state court has issued a ruling favoring insurance policyholders in a COVID-19 business interruption dispute. This decision further confirms…

Michael S. Levine, Cary D. Steklof

Let’s Eat Grandma = Let’s Eat, Grandma?

USA - January 10 2022 To the possible dismay of grammar purists, a federal court recently found that an insurance policy provision meant the same thing whether or not it…

Patrick M. McDermott

Grammatical Imprecision Continues to Fuel Coverage Disputes

USA - January 10 2022 Even an insurance practitioner’s grandmother would agree that an omitted comma can have dire consequences: compare “Let’s eat grandma with “Let’s eat…

Patrick M. McDermott