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Harvard Learns Lesson About Timely Notice

USA - October 31 2022 While Harvard prepares to defend its admissions policies to the Supreme Court, one of its insurers continues to argue that a technicality prevents…

Lara Degenhart Cassidy

Another State Court Rules That Insurers Cannot Escape COVID-19

USA - January 10 2022 Another state court has issued a ruling favoring insurance policyholders in a COVID-19 business interruption dispute. This decision further confirms…

Michael S. Levine, Cary D. Steklof

Let’s Eat Grandma = Let’s Eat, Grandma?

USA - January 10 2022 To the possible dismay of grammar purists, a federal court recently found that an insurance policy provision meant the same thing whether or not it…

Patrick M. McDermott

Grammatical Imprecision Continues to Fuel Coverage Disputes

USA - January 10 2022 Even an insurance practitioner’s grandmother would agree that an omitted comma can have dire consequences: compare “Let’s eat grandma with “Let’s eat…

Patrick M. McDermott

UK’s National Security Act Is Coming

United Kingdom - October 19 2021 Last year, we wrote about the UK’s National Security and Investment Bill, which was pending approval at the end of 2020. A few months into the New…

Geoffrey B. Fehling