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Seventh Circuit Rejects Extended Leave as Reasonable Accommodation Under ADA

USA - October 26 2017 Employers in the retail sector are constantly faced with the balancing act of relying on their workforce to operate a profitable business while also…

Kurt A. Powell

Government Raising Awareness Regarding Religious Discrimination in the Workplace

USA - August 19 2016 The issue of religious background has generated substantial discussion during the current election cycle. Recently, the federal government…

Robert T. Dumbacher, Robert T. Quackenboss

NLRB General Counsel Elevates Standard for Unions’ Duty of Fair Representation

USA - October 8 2018 The NLRB’s Office of the General Counsel recently issued an internal directive regarding the manner in which NLRB Regions prosecute duty of fair…

Ronald Meisburg, Amber M. Rogers

NLRB Members Drop Hints in Footnotes Regarding Potential Issues the Board will Revisit

USA - January 25 2018 We have reported on several Board decisions issued by a new Republican majority in the final days of 2017, but questions remain as to what issues the…

Amber M. Rogers

NLRB Provides Refresher On Decision Bargaining Obligations

USA - August 3 2018 The National Labor Relations Board issued a decision that serves as a reminder to employers of their bargaining obligations upon implementing changes…

Ronald Meisburg