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Real or Fake? ITC Investigating Allegations of Importation and Sale of Counterfeit Dresses, Jumpsuits, and Maxi Skirts

USA - June 5 2019 Last month, the International Trade Commission (ITC) issued a notice instituting an investigation to determine whether importation into and/or sale…

Paul T. Qualey

Can An Algorithm Be An Author? (And Other AI Questions The PTO Is Now Asking)

USA - November 4 2019 First the machines came for our inventors; today they come for our authors and artists. An AI-created portrait sold for more than $400,000 in late…

Michael S. Turner

Can a Computer Be an Inventor? The PTO Wants to Know What You Think

USA - September 3 2019 September 2019 Can a Computer Be an Inventor? The PTO Wants to Know What You Think Artificial intelligence (AI) issues in intellectual property are…

Michael S. Turner

Copyright Clash to Receive Supreme Treatment

USA - December 3 2019 Is a software interface entitled to copyright protection? Does use of an existing software interface when creating a new computer program constitute…

Christopher Gresalfi

Think You Don’t Belong At The ITC Because You Don’t Sell Or Import Your Products? Think Again: You May Be An Importer Without Even Knowing It

USA - March 27 2020 Under Section 337 of the Tariff Act of 1930 (19 U.S.C. 1337), it is unlawful to import, sell for importation, or sell after importation an article…

Paul T. Qualey