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Eleventh Circuit Joins Fifth in Holding that the SBA May Deny Paycheck Protection Program Loans to Debtors in Bankruptcy

USA - December 23 2020 In June of 2020, Miller Canfield reported that the Fifth Circuit held that a Texas bankruptcy court had exceeded its authority when it ordered the…

Ronald Spinner, Marc N. Swanson

Practice Pointer: Review Your Loan File Now to Avoid Problems Later

USA - October 28 2020 When a loan becomes distressed, it is essential for the secured lender to conduct a file review to determine if there are any deficiencies that need…

Joseph M. Ammar, Nancy A. Valentine

Michigan’s Receivership Act: No Longer Just for Commercial Real Estate

USA - October 20 2020 The Uniform Commercial Real Estate Receivership Act (“UCRERA”), adopted by Michigan in 2018, originally applied only to receiverships over commercial…

Megan R. I. Baxter-Labut

Strategies to Reduce the Impact of the New SBA Procedural Notice on the Rights of a Secured Lender

USA - October 15 2020 In the SBA Procedural Notice dated October 2, 2020 (the “Approval Notice”), the Small Business Administration (“SBA”) has issued mandates that may…

Jonathan S. Green, Trent J. Taylor

Practice Pointer: Words Matter

USA - October 13 2020 In prior practice pointers, we discussed how a Statute of Frauds provides protection for financial institutions and how a prenegotiation agreement…

Danielle Mason Anderson