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CDC Eviction Moratorium: The Final Word

USA - August 27 2021 The United States Supreme Court nullified a nationwide residential eviction moratorium that has been in place for nearly a year. Alabama Association…

Barry P. Kaltenbach

CDC Eviction Moratorium Not Quite Over: Where Do We Go From Here?

USA - May 21 2021 Last September, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) ordered a nationwide eviction moratorium on residential properties. 85 Fed. Reg…

Barry P. Kaltenbach

Michigan Court of Appeals Holds That Development Agreement Obligations are Extinguished in Tax Foreclosure

USA - May 5 2021 The Michigan Court of Appeals recently held that assessments on a property under a development agreement between a city and the property's former…

Gregory A. Nowak, Steven A. Roach

Practice Pointer: Should Lenders Use Pre-Negotiation Agreements?

USA - October 7 2020 In an earlier e-alert, we considered when an agreement is enforceable against a commercial lender. Some states feature statutes of frauds that…

Cara M. Houck, Steven A. Roach

Practice Pointer: When is an Agreement Enforceable Against a Bank?

USA - September 15 2020 The short answer is that an agreement is enforceable against a bank when the agreement is in writing and signed by the bank…

Q. Scott Kaye, Steven A. Roach