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Official Mexican standards (a.k.a. NOMS)

Mexico - January 21 2013 Companies doing business in Mexico must be familiar with Mexican business laws and regulations. These include the Commercial Code (Código de…

When the Mexican forum selection clause is mandatory, the traditional forum non conveniens analysis does not apply

Mexico, USA - December 11 2012 Last week, the Court of Appeal of California affirmed an order staying a forum non conveniens action arising from a purchase agreement for a $20 million beach lot in Cancun, Mexico.

Mexico's trademarks and patents office - 2012 and 2013 holidays

Mexico - December 5 2012 Please take note that Mexico’s Intellectual Property Institute, which is Mexico's trademarks and patents office, will be closed from December 20, 2012 through January 6, 2013, and on February 4, March 18, May 1, May 6 and November 18, 2013.

Mexico to help improve international tax compliance with respect to FATCA

Mexico, USA - December 4 2012 After two years of negotiations between the governments of Mexico and the United States, an agreement between the Department of the Treasury and Mexico’s Ministry of Finance and Public Credit to improve international tax compliance including with respect to FATCA has been reached.

California courts may have an interest in a Mexico breach of contract dispute …

Mexico, USA - November 26 2012 Last week, California’s Court of Appeal affirmed a trial court’s finding of forum non conveniens, but reversed the order to dismiss and remand with directions to vacate the dismissal and enter an order staying the matter