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RCRA regulation of uncontained gases - United States v. Mountain State Carbon, LLC

USA - April 1 2014 How does the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA)—the primary federal law governing the disposal of solid and hazardous waste—regulate a…

Eric A. Rey

RCRA citizens suits and the Clean Water Act

USA - November 17 2015 The Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) largely takes a hands-off approach to industrial facilities with point-source discharges regulated…

Eric A. Rey

RCRA regulation of air emissions: Little Hocking's unintended consequences

USA - March 25 2015 Until now, most waste generators have been able to safely ignore air emissions when navigating the complex regulations and guidance implementing the…

Eric A. Rey

EPA asks for input on hazardous waste management in the retail sector

USA - February 26 2014 Perhaps the mental picture you have when you hear the phrase “hazardous waste” is of an industrial facility with smokestacks and a slew of…

Margaret Barry