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SEC files action against employer alleged to have impeded tipsters through employee confidentiality agreements

USA - April 2 2015 As the SEC increasingly relies on its Whistleblower Program to encourage people to come forward with information leading to securities enforcement…

Jonathan E. Green, Aaron F. Miner

Raising the bar for tippee liability: Second Circuit overturns two insider trading convictions

USA - December 11 2014 The Second Circuit has issued an important decision overturning two insider trading convictions and, in so doing, has clarified the standard for…

Jonathan E. Green, Aaron F. Miner

Deference to the SEC: Second Circuit overturns lower court’s refusal to approve settlement between SEC and Citigroup

USA - June 5 2014 In a long-awaited ruling, the Second Circuit reversed Southern District of New York Judge Jed Rakoff's 2011 decision refusing to approve a settlement…

Jonathan E. Green, Aaron F. Miner

SEC issues largest whistleblower award to date

USA - October 4 2013 After issuing its first whistleblower award of $50,000 approximately one year ago, the SEC has continued to reward whistleblowers who report…

Jonathan E. Green

SEC clarifies company use of social media under Regulation FD

USA - April 3 2013 On April 2, 2013, the SEC issued a Report of Investigation (Report) announcing that it had concluded its investigation regarding potential Regulation…

Sara Adler, Jonathan E. Green, Joel I. Greenberg