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Letting the States Go First: District Court Upholds EPA Deference to States on CWA Nutrient Regulation, For Now

USA - December 20 2016 The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA or Agency) won another victory last week in its continuing effort to maintain its considerable discretion…

Jeremy Karpatkin

Enviro Citizen Science: Promises, Perils And Protections

USA - November 14 2016 New York (November 14, 2016, 12:16 PM EST) -- Last week's election of Donald Trump as president portends many changes in public policy and government…

Michael D. Daneker, Eric A. Rey

Fifth Circuit to EPA: when petitioners knock, the agency does not have to answer»

USA - April 14 2015 In a mixed victory for the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) a panel of the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals on April 7 in Gulf Restoration Network…

Jeremy Karpatkin

Court paves way for EPA to withdraw proposed federal nutrient criteria for Florida

USA - January 16 2014 The long-running controversy over imposition of numeric nutrient water quality criteria (NNC) in Florida came a significant step closer to resolution…

Jeremy Karpatkin

Numeric nutrient criteria in the Mississippi River: a back-handed victory for EPA?

USA - October 16 2013 On September 20, 2013, the Federal District Court for the Eastern District of Louisiana in Gulf Restoration Network v. Jackson rendered a decision…

Jeremy Karpatkin