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Recent releases on systemic risk: GSIBs and GECC

USA - July 29 2015 On July 20, 2015, the Federal Reserve Board adopted a final rule (GSIB Rule) regarding capital surcharges applicable to US global systemically…

George M. Williams, Jr., Henry G. Morriello

Implications of the final risk retention requirements for ABCP conduit sponsors

USA - March 5 2015 The final Dodd-Frank risk retention regulations provide challenges for ABCP sponsors. A special rule tailored to ABCP conduits is included in the…

Gary B. Bernstein, Karsten Giesecke, George M. Williams, Jr., Eric P. Marcus

New market risk capital rules adopted

USA - June 13 2012 On June 7, 2012, the Federal Reserve Board (the “Board”) adopted a joint final rule governing the calculation of capital requirements to cover market risk (the “Market Risk Rule”).

George M. Williams, Jr., Henry G. Morriello

Global foreclosure settlement: unsettling for RMBS

USA - April 17 2012 The recent global foreclosure settlement requires residential mortgage-backed securities investors to pay part of the price for the behaviors of the settling defendant servicers.

Karsten Giesecke, Michael D. Keenan, Henry G. Morriello