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Money matters: oil & gas infrastructure investment comes of age

USA - December 27 2012 As the US economy continues to slowly improve, 2013 may usher in the start of the biggest expansion of energy infrastructure investment seen in the US in…

Real assets—do infrastructure investments cater to the requirements of global institutional investors

Canada, European Union, USA - December 18 2012 Economic developments both in the US and Europe will likely be characterized by moderate growth rates and considerable uncertainty for the near future.

Dr. Thomas A. Jesch, LL.M.

Global energy policy

Global - March 30 2013 Despite the efforts of global institutions, energy policy in the developing world continues to be driven by geology, engineering, and economics, not…

Dispatch from the frontier

USA - October 18 2013 Boom towns are springing up in the vast grasslands of this frontier landscape. Transportation is woefully inadequate and the iron horse, the railroad…

Political risk in US infrastructure - the myth and the reality

USA - August 20 2012 US infrastructure has drawn significant attention globally as a potential home for outbound Foreign Direct Investment (FDI).