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Letting the States Go First: District Court Upholds EPA Deference to States on CWA Nutrient Regulation, For Now

USA - December 20 2016 The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA or Agency) won another victory last week in its continuing effort to maintain its considerable discretion…

Lester Sotsky

GAO Report Finds Few Procedural Flaws, But Many Substantive Challenges Facing EPA Sediment Program

USA - October 26 2016 On October 24, 2016 the Government Accountability Office (GAO), Congress’s investigative arm, released its first-ever report evaluating the…

Michael D. Daneker

Fifth Circuit to EPA: when petitioners knock, the agency does not have to answer»

USA - April 14 2015 In a mixed victory for the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) a panel of the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals on April 7 in Gulf Restoration Network…

Lester Sotsky

Court paves way for EPA to withdraw proposed federal nutrient criteria for Florida

USA - January 16 2014 The long-running controversy over imposition of numeric nutrient water quality criteria (NNC) in Florida came a significant step closer to resolution…

Lester Sotsky

Numeric nutrient criteria in the Mississippi River: a back-handed victory for EPA?

USA - October 16 2013 On September 20, 2013, the Federal District Court for the Eastern District of Louisiana in Gulf Restoration Network v. Jackson rendered a decision…

Lester Sotsky