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Medical devices: an introduction to the regulatory regime in China and options for foreign investors in the medical device sector

China - September 16 2011 With the fast-growing medical device market in China, an increasing number of foreign investors are watching this industry.

Frank Schoneveld, Angel Wang

Shanghai Food and Drug Administration issues regulation for domestic processing and manufacturing of foreign pharmaceutical companies

China, USA - September 7 2011 Following the State Food and Drug Administration (FDA)’s notice,“Enhancing Regulations for Domestic Processing and Manufacturing for Foreign Pharmaceutical Companies” (translation available upon request), the Shanghai FDA enacted its own regulations for Shanghai contract manufacturers of foreign pharmaceutical companies to ensure pharmaceuticals that are contract manufactured in China meet the drug standards of the United States.

Henry L.T. Chen

China’s Supreme Court drafts regulation for civil antitrust cases

China - May 5 2011 Reacting to the perceived inadequate treatment of civil actions for breach of the country's Anti-Monopoly Law, China's Supreme People's Court recently issued a draft regulation that seeks to build a judicial framework for these types of disputes.

Henry L.T. Chen, Frank Schoneveld

China Auto Dealers Association files anti-monopoly complaint against Beijing Benz

China - April 28 2011 The China Automobile Dealers Association recently issued a formal complaint to Mercedes-Benz Beijing regarding its allegedly illegal "double limit" policy for car dealers—minimum prices and restrictions on sales into other dealers` territories—revealing tension between a widespread industry practice and China's Anti-Monopoly Law.

Henry L.T. Chen, Frank Schoneveld

National security review: is it a game of tit for tat?

China - April 4 2011 On 12 February 2011, the Office of the State Council of China issued a circular announcing the formation of a state-level investment body to review China-based mergers and acquisitions (M&A) deals which involve non-Chinese firms and which might endanger China's "national security".

Henry L.T. Chen, Michael Socarras