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Employee Benefits & Executive Compensation

USA - March 28 2020 Coronavirus (COVID-19) raises serious concerns for employers of all shapes and sizes, across all industries and in every business sector. As the…

Sarah L. Engle, Joshua N. Lerner, Andrew C. Liazos, Jacob Mattinson, William R. Pomierski, Brian J. Tiemann, Erin Turley, Judith Wethall, Allison Wilkerson

CARES Act Impacts All Benefit Plans

USA - March 31 2020 In the ongoing effort to help individuals impacted by COVID-19, Congress passed the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Securities Act (CARES Act)…

Ralph E. DeJong, Lindsay Ditlow, Steven G. Eckhaus, Sarah L. Engle, Andrew C. Liazos, Lisa K. Loesel, Jacob Mattinson, Rick Stepanovic, Judith Wethall

Family Ties: Connecticut Passes Paid Family and Medical Leave

USA - June 27 2019 Connecticut enacted a paid family and medical leave law, which provides paid leave to eligible employees and expand allowable reasons for such leave…

P. Kevin Connelly, Diane M. Morgenthaler

New Restrictions on Using Non-Competes in Massachusetts - What You Need to Know

USA - August 13 2018 The Massachusetts legislature’s recent approval of a comprehensive non-competition reform bill includes significant restrictions for employers seeking…

Rachel B. Cowen, Andrew C. Liazos

Understanding Equal Pay Laws and Avoiding and Defending Pay Equity Claims

USA - February 6 2017 The federal Government’s focus on pay equity and pay data, and the passage of groundbreaking equal pay laws in a number of states, has been one of…

Steven G. Eckhaus, Kristin E. Michaels