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The Future of Chinese Investment in Post-Pandemic Europe

China, European Union, USA - January 11 2021 Tensions between China and the United States continue to escalate. Chinese and US leaders have, at least temporarily, damaged th…

Dr. Nikolaus von Jacobs

Chinese Outbound Investments: The Seller’s Perspective

China - December 23 2019 Generally, an outbound investment by a Chinese enterprise must be approved by the competent national authorities or their local bodies before it can…

Dr. Nikolaus von Jacobs

The EU-China Comprehensive Agreement on Investment: A First Glance

China, European Union - February 5 2021 The EU-China Comprehensive Investment Agreement (CIA) has held 35 rounds of negotiations since its launch in 2013. At the beginning of the…

Dr. Nikolaus von Jacobs

Deutsche Industriepolitik: Beschränkung der Eigentumsfreiheit unter dem Deckmantel der „Technologischen Souveränität“?

European Union, Germany - December 2 2019 Am 29. November 2019 hat Bundeswirtschaftsminister Peter Altmaier mit seiner überabeiteten „Industriestrategie 2030“ seine angedachten Leitlinien für…

Dr. Nikolaus von Jacobs, Matthias Weingut

Compulsory SARS-CoV-2 Vaccination for Employees in Germany?

Germany - December 1 2020 At least for the time being there are no plans to make vaccination compulsory in Germany - even though the legislator could in principle enact such a…

Philipp Schaeuble