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The EU-China Comprehensive Agreement on Investment: A First Glance

China, European Union - February 5 2021 The EU-China Comprehensive Investment Agreement (CIA) has held 35 rounds of negotiations since its launch in 2013. At the beginning of the…

Dr. Nikolaus von Jacobs

The Future of Chinese Investment in Post-Pandemic Europe

China, European Union, USA - January 11 2021 Tensions between China and the United States continue to escalate. Chinese and US leaders have, at least temporarily, damaged th…

Dr. Nikolaus von Jacobs

Compulsory SARS-CoV-2 Vaccination for Employees in Germany?

Germany - December 1 2020 At least for the time being there are no plans to make vaccination compulsory in Germany - even though the legislator could in principle enact such a…

Philipp Schaeuble

Social Credit System for Foreign-Invested Enterprises in China: Imminent Challenges?

China - February 5 2020 The comprehensive establishment of China’s Social Credit System (SCS) has already started. In July 2019, the State Council again issued Guiding…

Dr. Nikolaus von Jacobs

Chinese Outbound Investments: The Seller’s Perspective

China - December 23 2019 Generally, an outbound investment by a Chinese enterprise must be approved by the competent national authorities or their local bodies before it can…

Dr. Nikolaus von Jacobs