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COVID-19 Impact on Class Action Litigation

USA - March 31 2020 The COVID-19 pandemic has already sparked a flurry of litigation activity. Parties and courts are feeling the immediate impact of the virus in the…

Daniel Campbell, Christopher J. Donovan, Esq.

To Scan or Not to Scan: Surge in Lawsuits under Illinois Biometrics Law

USA - November 7 2017 The Illinois Biometric Information Privacy Act (BIPA) is having its moment. At least 32 class action lawsuits have been filed by Illinois residents…

Kristin E. Michaels, Michael G. Morgan, Mark E. Schreiber

The rise of smaller class actions

USA - August 6 2014 On July 22, 2014, NERA Economic Consulting (NERA) published a study of consumer class action settlements between 2010 and 2013…

Aron J. Frakes

Supreme Court limits class actions in Wal-Mart victory

USA - June 21 2011 Supreme Court’s unanimous decision in favor of Wal-Mart restricts the ability of plaintiffs to seek certification of a class for damages.