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Coronavírus | Portugal Certificado Digital COVID da UE

Portugal - July 7 2021 Por força da pandemia de COVID-19, e de forma a limitar ou controlar a propagação do vírus, os Estados-Membros adotaram algumas medidas que…

Inês Antas de Barros, Pedro Fontes, Francisca Paulouro

Q&A: competition law and state aid for the aviation sector in Portugal

Portugal - August 14 2020 This article answers some of the key questions surrounding the application of competition law and state aid rules to the aviation sector in Portugal.

Pedro Simões Coelho

In brief: airport operations in Portugal

Portugal - August 14 2020 A look at some of the key legal and practical issues surrounding airport operations in Portugal, including ownership, licensing, slot allocation and air traffic control.

Pedro Simões Coelho

Angola- Global strategy for the airport system

Angola - August 3 2020 As part of the ongoing reform of the Civil Aviation Sector in Angola, Presidential Decree No. 206/20, published on August 3, approved the Global…

Joana Pacheco

Coronavirus | Portugal - Impact on Aviation Sector

European Union, Italy, Portugal, Spain - April 23 2020 It was decided to ban air traffic to and from Portugal from all flights to and from countries outside the European Union, with the exception…

Magda Cocco