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Regulations on abandonment and decommissioning of upstream oil and gas facilities

Angola - April 16 2018 Presidential Decree 91/18, of 10 April 2018 ("PD 91/18") enacted the regulations on abandonment and decommissioning of upstream oil and gas facilities…

João Afonso Fialho

Angola approves Competition Act

Angola - May 8 2018 On 18 April 2018, the National Assembly of Angola approved the Competition Act (the "Act"). The safeguard of sound competition between economic agents…

Ricardo Bordalo Junqueiro, Miguel Mendes Pereira, Nuno Ruiz

New private investment law and regulatory investment agency

Angola - July 4 2018 The Angolan National Assembly approved the new private investment regime by means of Law 10/18, of 26 June 2018 (“2018 PIL”). The revamp of the…

João Afonso Fialho, José Miguel Oliveira, Ângela Viana

Marginal fields decree

Angola - May 30 2018 Presidential Legislative Decree 6/18, of 18 May 2018 ("PLD 6/18") enacted the Marginal Fields Decree. Below you will find an overview of PLD 6/18…

João Afonso Fialho

New rules for oil industry public tenders and procurement of supplies/services

Angola - April 4 2018 Presidential Decree 86/18, of 2 April 2018 ("PD 86/18"), introduced several modifications to the rules governing the following activities: Public…

João Afonso Fialho