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Angola- Global strategy for the airport system

Angola - August 3 2020 As part of the ongoing reform of the Civil Aviation Sector in Angola, Presidential Decree No. 206/20, published on August 3, approved the Global…

Marília Frias

Angola- Foreign exchange policy

Angola - February 13 2020 The Angolan Central Bank (Banco Nacional de Angola "BNA") recently approved Notice no. 01/2020, with a view to simplifying the administrative…

Filipa Fonseca Santos

Angola- Legal framework of equity securities

Angola - February 13 2020 Presidential Legislative Decree No. 1/20 was recently approved, establishing the Legal Framework of Equity Securities, characterised as hybrid…

Filipa Fonseca Santos

Entry into force of law No. 19/19, of 14 August, amending the organic law and the procedure of the court of auditors

Angola - September 30 2019 On August 14, 2019, Law No. 19/19, of the same date, entered into force, amending the Organic and Process Law of the Court of Auditors, Law No. 13/10…

Catarina Pinto Correia, Filipe Vasconcelos Fernandes

Angola - International public tender for the construction of the soyo refinery

Angola, Global - August 30 2019 Presidential Decree 150/19, of 16 August authorized the launch of an international public tender for the construction of the Soyo Refinery, in the…

João Afonso Fialho