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Evolution of green taxation in Portugal

European Union, Portugal - May 6 2022 It is generally accepted that green taxation is crucial to address the effects of climate change and global warming, as well as to promote resource…

Tiago Marreiros Moreira

Portugal creates carbon taxes on air and sea travel

Portugal - April 15 2021 The carbon neutrality commitments already made by several countries, both developed and developing, vary in terms of their definition of neutrality…

Angola - Municipalities Finance Law

Angola - May 19 2020 Law No. 13/20, of May 14th, 2020, established the Municipalities Financial Regime, establishing an autonomous legal framework for Municipalities…

Ana Marta Castro, António Penelas

Angola - Municipalities fees law

Angola - May 19 2020 Law No. 12/20 of May 14th, 2020, on the Municipalities Fees Regime ("MFR") was published and entered into force on May the 14th. MFR regulates the…

Teresa Teixeira Mota, Conceição Gamito, António Penelas

Entry into force of law No. 19/19, of 14 August, amending the organic law and the procedure of the court of auditors

Angola - September 30 2019 On August 14, 2019, Law No. 19/19, of the same date, entered into force, amending the Organic and Process Law of the Court of Auditors, Law No. 13/10…

Catarina Pinto Correia, Joana Pacheco